Printroolup2The project produces many results, such as:

  • perpetuation of a positive image of migrants at national and international level by having them be active actors in volunteering and presentation of positive counter narratives
  •  increased intercultural dialogue and understanding between ethnically different populations in the local communities of the partners and at EU level
  •  nuanced national actions adapting the Integration action plan to specific realities, as reactions to citizen input and policy suggestions for integration
  •  increased citizens involvement in local communities, shaping their community
  •  more empowered citizens actively participating to consultations, debates, gaining social and civic key competences, understanding of policy making mechanisms, feeling EU ownership
  •  increased empowerment for citizens to use digital tools to express themselves as citizens, bringing them closer to E-democracy
  •  capacity building of an increased number of NGOs and civil society organisations to tackle immigrant integration issues, promote social inclusion
  •  promotion of Eu values such as tolerance, understanding, respect for diversity and richness of culture
  • good practices and tools (non-formal education, cultural, artistic) to be used by other NGOs in their own inclusion and integration projects
  •  decrease in xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination, radicalised behaviors, stigmatization
  •  counteracting hate speeches, political speeches with different agendas but using immigrants as a facade to further up unconnected policies
  •  promoting synergies between the national networks of stakeholders of the project partners and the partners themselves for learning, exchange of know how, sparking of new creative ideas and further collaboration in new projects
  •  enhancing intersectoral cooperation between civil society organisation, public institutions, local communities and businesses in furthering immigrant social, cultural and economic integration