About the project

PrintThe project “Citizen time: act, play, involve!” aims to involve citizens through a gamified mechanism in constructing positive narratives on immigrants, stimulating intercultural dialogue and citizen involvement and debate at EU level.roolup2

“Citizen time” addresses national applications of the Integration Action Plan and works on find policy suggestions for a strategy to manage migration better, drawing on the partners’ experience in education, inclusion and employment.

It targets radicalized behaviors, xenophobia, discrimination and hate speech related to immigrants and TCNs, promote volunteering as a citizen way of EU ownership.
According to national research done by partners, citizens have little knowledge on how to influence policies, feel disenfranchised and disempowered by their governments’ decisions. This is an opportunity to involve them in important issues such as integration of migrants.
Results and impact of the project will include positive changes in attitudes regarding immigrants, overcoming stereotypes, more citizen knowledge and involvement in policy making at all levels, exchange of know how on integration issues.
The project encompasses two conferences, in Portugal and Romania, and a volunteering activity done by 30 people in 7 countries.
Policies and topics covered in the conferences:
– Integration Action Plan
– Common Basic Principles 2014
– European Agenda for Migration
– Handbook on Integration for policy-makers and practitioners.
– online and offline tools for citizens involvement in policies
The project, taking place between 09.2018 – 09.2019, is born of cooperation of Dominou Association with partners from Portugal, Poland, Malta, Spain, Greece, Italy.


The Domino association from Romania ( non-governmental and not for profit) has been founded in 2004 and has 6 board members and 147 active members (teachers, trainers, volunteers, pedagogical advisers, young students). 45296929_172774350341536_6669252481681195008_n

Our goals include supporting formal, non-formal and informal education of children, youth and adult people in order to acquire the necessary skills and personal development skills for future employment and active citizenship, including promoting of human rights, cultural diversity, equal opportunities and non-discrimination.

The Association has working partnerships with youth, adult and child education institutions from 7 counties of Romania and 17 countries and experience in working with different stakeholders, such as county inspectorates, NGOs on all fields of interest, schools, prisons, libraries, social protection organisms etc.

To achieve the objectives addressed to the adults, the organisation carries out activities based on supporting education in order to acquire the necessary abilities and personal development skills for employability and active citizenship, activities that encourage active participation of adults in society and in democratic life in Europe, which encourage and support the spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship among adults; Our activities involves sports and recreation games, youth exchanges, sports competitions, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, etc. on topics of general and European Community interest, establishing and maintaining ties of friendship and mobilisation between adults for knowledge purposes and encouragement for their initiatives; activities in support of cultural diversity, development of activities that promote equality between women and men, to support disadvantaged adults (disabled, Roma, poor socioeconomic status, unemployed, etc.,), activities that promote healthy lifestyles, offering healthy alternatives in exchange for depravities that generate negative effects on society.

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Edu2grow is an association from Portugal that believes in education as an engine for growth.edu2growlogo22

To achieve its objectives addressed to education and participation, the organization carries out activities based on supporting non formal education in order to acquire the necessary abilities and personal development skills for employability and active citizenship, activities that encourage active participation of young people in society and in democratic life in Europe, which encourage and support the spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship among youth;
Our activities (non formal) include, youth exchanges, debates about non-discrimination, seminars, diversity promotion, workshops, exhibitions, gamifying work and education processes etc. on topics of general and European Community interest, activities in support of cultural diversity, development of activities that promote equality between women and men, respect for religion, to support disadvantaged children and youth (coming from orphanages, school dropouts, delinquent, disabled, poor socioeconomic status, unemployed, etc.).


The Isla Local Council, Malta has participated and also lead other European programmes over the past 10 years. We are aware of European diversity and open to intercultural dialog. We previously participated in Europe for citizens and have organised awareness and cultural events so they will advise on these matters.
We collaborate with local organisers in preparing activities for cultural and social projects.45364090_251110658896270_3762667380254179328_n

The main aim of Isla LC (Local Council) is to increase education and cultural awareness. On a yearly basis, Isla LC organizes various festivals which include re-enactments, art exhibitions, fishing competitions, cooking competitions, band marches, traditional folk music, guided tours, sports activities and boat trips around the Grand Harbour.
Under Youth Local Council coordination, we organise different non-formal activities (workshops, training, debates, conferences, events, festivals, youth exchanges, sport competitions, exhibitions and collaborative active sessions) in order to motivate Maltese youngsters to get involved in life of community and also to value their involvement. The activities are focusing on European values: democracy, tolerance, equal opportunities on labour market, social cohesion etc, establishing and maintaining mobilisation between youth for knowledge purposes and encouragement for their initiatives.


ADEFIS Youth International, Spain was established as a non-profit organization in order to promote equality and integration among young people, developing projects and programs aimed at preventing discrimination for any reason: birth, race, sex, religion or personal and social status, as stated in the Spanish Constitution; 45296882_1952538501717164_4987269376475398144_nas well as in the implementation of projects and programs for the defense of the environment, sustainable development, culture, promotion of volunteering and awareness to the Spanish, European and third-countries. Also, to promote cooperation development and co-development in countries with low per capita income and extreme poverty.

It specialises in personal and professional development through socio-educational methods based on non-formal education, both at European and regional levels. It is highly qualified in the social field and extensive experience in the computer industry. Its headquarters has two premises located at street level in downtown Las Rozas and part of the rent is subsidised by the City-Hall of Las Rozas.

We give courses in collaboration with the Youth Council of the City of Las Rozasaimed at youth employability: “Waiter for Banquet and Events”, “Child Education”, “Dependent of Commerce”, “Customer Service and Telemarketing”, etc .

We offer courses in the classrooms of the association: “English Lessons”, “Gel Nails”, “Social Skills”, “Active Search for Employment”, “Basic Computer Skills”, etc. In our facilities we have workshops on “Active Search for Employment ” and we perform labor intermediation.

KANE, Greece

We do national and international youth work. We aim to offer opportunities of personal and social development to local youth through socio-educational activities and non formal education. Our main target is to create independent youth structures as well as to achieve the recognition of youth work in Greece. kane logo good

Social Youth Development, KANE, is a non-profit organization situated in Kalamata, Greece. Our main target group is young people aged 15-30, youth workers, youth leaders, mentors and trainers. However we are also working with all the local community.

Our vision is to foster youth motivation in order to take initiatives and become more active citizens. Our mission is to provide educational and training opportunities for youth and people that work in the youth field. We also aim at fighting discrimination, fostering intercultural and social development, and promoting social inclusion and equality, particularly for young people. At organizational level, we promote cooperation among local, regional and international organizations and public bodies.

PRISM, Italy has gained valuable experience in non-formal education and training targeting both young people and adults. Since 2013 we have hosted in our territory, Caltanissetta, over 450 young people and adults from both EU and World countries, providing non-formal learning experiences and trainings on project management, social entrepreneurship and community development. cropped-logo-prism-new

Since, PRISM provide an informative desk run by a professional lawyer and intercultural mediators that is providing free legal advice and support for asylum seekers in our territory.

In 2014, PRISM has established a new branch in Senegal (Ziguinchor) which intends to foster cooperation and exchanges of good practices in the field of youth, including on-going partnership with local associations in Kenya, India and Vietnam in the frame of capacity building projects in the field of youth funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, promoting transnational non-formal learning and exchange of good practices.

PRISM has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research as a research centre and in this project they will assists the coordinator in project evaluation. They will design the templates to evaluate the both conferences and also the volunteers activities.



Our aims are to support the active involvement of young people in various areas of public life and the development of the abilities and potential of young people from different social groups, and young people with disabilities; to promote personal development and democratic citizenship, volunteering and youth mobility; sport and healthy lifestyle. evelogo
One of the main priorities of our organization is the development of international partnerships with similar organizations, active exchange of ideas and best practices, creating a rich network of European partners.
We are EURODESK member. In our organization there are 36 members, mainly young people. Members of our organization are involved in developing, evaluating and managing various programs and projects in the youth sector and others.
We organize projects and send participants to the Youth in Action/Erasmus+ projects (Youth Exchanges, Local and Transnational Youth Initiatives, Trainings, Study Visit, Evaluation Meeting, Feasibility Visit.